Logitech G Peripherals Naming Scheme

Logitech uses a 4-letter alphanumeric naming scheme for their G peripherals.

As of the time of writing, Logitech uses a 3-digit naming in the format GXXX.

The first digit denotes the SKU, which would be its relative position within the category (so the bigger the number, the more expensive).

The second digit indicates the type of device it is (see below).

The third digit could mean the generation/revision of the product.

Example: G923
1 - SKU 2 - Type 3 - Revision
9 2 3

2nd digit numbering:

  • 0 - Mouse
  • 1 - Keyboard
  • 2 - Racing Wheel
  • 3 - Headset
  • 4 - Mousepad
  • 5 - Game Controller

In the past when they only used 2 digits, it was the first digit that followed this rule.


  • Hero - Logitech's next-gen gaming sensor for their mice.
  • Lightspeed - Logitech's end-to-end wireless solution that delivers low-latency and reliable performance.