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This wiki is very much a work in progress so special pages like this may get neglected until there's time to write them properly.


I (PilleniusMC) thought one day "there's so much misinformation about standards, terminology and other technology topics out there" and "why are tech topics often explained in such a hard to understand way", that's how the first plans started to form.

It still took a while to actually get formed into the actual idea of creating a wiki of those topics and the scope got bigger and bigger, but work on the wiki itself still didn't start happening.

Then one day the dominos started toppling, the wiki itself got created, the first couple topics were being created and a couple helpers joined, though nothing much happened for a while after that, now later in about June of 2021 a ton of work got put in and the wiki got restructured to what it is currently, but work is never finished.