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This page is a dedicated link list to technical documents and documentation which are freely available on the internet. All provided content is supposed to be from first party websites, though some documents may be rehosted by us if they aren't provided as a PDF or website by the manufacturers themselves.

General Documents[edit | edit source]

Organisation/Company Subjectmatter Link to Document
SNIA Protocol Agnostic Multi-Lane High Speed Connector https://members.snia.org/document/dl/27231

Micron[edit | edit source]

Memory Numbering
Product Link to document
DRAM Module https://media-www.micron.com/-/media/client/global/documents/products/part-numbering-guide/numsdrammod.pdf
DRAM Component https://media-www.micron.com/-/media/client/global/documents/products/part-numbering-guide/numdram.pdf
NAND Flash Part https://media-www.micron.com/-/media/client/global/documents/products/part-numbering-guide/numnand.pdf

Samsung[edit | edit source]

Product Link to document
DDR4 https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/global.semi/file/resource/2018/06/DDR4_Product_guide_May.18.pdf

SK.Hynix[edit | edit source]

Memory Numbering
Product Link to document
DDR4 Module https://pcjd.mystic-alchemy.com/images/9/95/DDR4_Module_New_Part_Number_Decoder_r1.5_Jun_2021.pdf